What is the internal structure of the projector?

  • On the inside of front lights, it have a module that holds the projector so we can see the shaft in the back, this is where the light bulb rests.
  • It kept in location like that and then this big steel bowl is the reflector but usually it's smooth.

Now rather than having a huge flat design reflector where you have a lot of surface to produce a large beam pattern.

On a projector we have an extremely small reflector bowl, it does not really also enter really much.

What it does is when the retrofit hid kit creates light, its captured inside this tiny intense dish and then it gets focused through this lens. It's kind of the exact same idea as utilizing magnifying glass in the Sunlight to start a fire except the preferred effect of this is to develop a sharp beam pattern.
At the back side, there's one big feature of the different sorts of projector lenses. You have single light beam and twin beam similar to a reflector. Single beam and also dual beam similar to a light bulb single beam or twin beam of light.

The double beam projector has a solenoid and also some white appearing. It'll trigger the solenoid inside the projector as well as it will lower the cut-off shield if you give this connector 12 volts. In low beam position not stimulate the cut-off guard is upright and develops a sharp cutoff line.

Currently, in a single beam projector you would not have that saw upset, you would not have that cutoff guard, you would simply have one fixed projector for reduced light beam and either an additional projector for high beam or a reflector for high beam of light. Now the RAM is also extra interesting, because it uses all three designs: projector, reflector, and a twin light beam projector.